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Brinks Real Estate will buy your home directly. Our average customer saves between 11% to 14% of your home’s price compared to a traditional sale. Below are some of the costs broken down for you to help you make an educated decision. Below are some of the costlier items when it comes to selling your home. These are just approximations as every home sale is different.

  • 6% Commission
  • 3% Holding cost… Also known as TIME! The Tampa market is averaging over 90 days from listing to closing. When considering that the average home seller’s holding cost is typically 1% of the home’s value per month (this includes taxes, insurance, flood insurance, HOA, trash, water, septic or sewer, utilities, and cable & internet), you can see how time can erode your profit.
  • 2% closing costs. This is what the taxes on the Deed and charges you can typically expect from a title company. after they add on a few fees for completing the transaction.
  • 1-3% overlapping mortgages or the opportunity  loss of being able to buy your next home. As cash buyers, we close on your schedule. No more overlapping mortgages, no more paying expensive storage fees, and no more missing out on your next home by not being able to move quickly on your new home deal.

We Buy Houses – Sell Your Home Immediately

  • Make an appointment today with a Brinks Real Estate home advisor who can make you an offer on the spot.
  • We will in detail lay out the pros and cons of taking a quick cash offer VS taking a more conventional rout. The advantages of an immediate cash offer include:
  • No buyer bank approvals or appraisals.
  • We pay all cash and can often close within 72 hours – meaning you have your fast quick
  • Very short or no inspection period (We typically want only 24 hours to do our due diligence). This is typically a 15-day period where a seller can dissect every inch of your home, then use it to negotiate against you for every detail they find.
  • No repairs and no cleaning your home up. We are happy to take your just as it is!
  • Financing buy financing contingences.
  • Not getting a contract with a contingency that a seller must first sell their other home first.
  • Inspections can be brutal on a seller unless your home is practically new, up to current building code, has no deferred maintenance, and is clean from top to bottom.
  • Additional inspections will be required if you’re accepting an offer that is FHA or VA financing (well over 50% of loans fall into this category).
  • No requests from buyers, banks, or insurance companies to fix items.
  • The process is complicated enough that over 30% of contracts DO NOT close
  • No pushy Realtors or Brokers! No open houses! No parading of endless strangers through your home at all hours of the days.
  • Discreetly and quietly sell your home with no advertising
  • PAY ABSOLUTOLLY NO COMMISSION! This alone typically equals saving 6% of your sales price.
  • NO HOLDING COST! The average home takes 90 days to go from listing to closing. Once you figure in Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance, HOA, electric, water, sewer, and trash, yard maintenance, pool service, etc. WE KNOW TIME IS MONEY! On the average home sale, from listing to closing, the seller’s holding cost average 3-4% in of their home’s sales price.
  • We can pay all closing cost. This is can be estimated between 2-3% of your homes sale price including transfer taxes, recording fee, title policy, etc.

So besides being very convent, there is a lot potential cost saving by selling your home quick.