Flat Fee Pocket Listings

Flat Free Pocket Listings

Great marketing exposure with the latest technology, without all the high commission, may be all that’s needed.

  • Save thousands of dollars!

Isn’t it frustrating to spend a lot of money on the Realtor’s commission? You can now say farewell to the frustration. Why waste money on co-broker commission when there may be a better solution for you?

Unlike other selling Brokers, we save you money by eliminating the need of a co-broker. How? While the details are complicated, but we all know that we live in a very connected world. The MLS once use to be the only way to effectively market your home. Today there are literally thousands of home buyers using one or more online home search or social media websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Craigslist, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and Twitter to find buyers. Consumers are spending a lot of time on social and search engine platforms and love these sites to “share” what they find. Using targeted marketing, analytics, and remarketing, in connection with these other highly engaging home search platforms, we can CONNECT DIRECTLY TO THE BUYER – thereby excluding the 2 nd agent or broker and their commission – ultimately saving your thousands.

  • Pay no “commission” for listing your home:

Concerned about paying a large commission for listing your home? With our services, you don’t need to worry about percentage commission – which typically increases with each penny raise in the price of your home.

Get rid of the percentage commission and have a simple FLAT FEE of $200 per week, in paid marketing expenses, and then $3,300 for our professional services in coordinating and facilitating the contract to closing. This will typically be a lot cheaper than paying the 5% to 6% commission that brokers traditionally charge.

  • Get guidance from licensed Realtor:

Worried about the many troublesome steps in selling your home? Don’t worry!

We will assign you a licensed Realtor to help facilitate your and buyers’ agreed terms.  Our realtor will work for you and develop a binding purchase agreement.

Dealing with only one Realtor, instead of the typical interference of 4 or more Realtors and Brokers, will save you a lot of time and energy in selling your home.

  • Eliminate the barriers to selling your home:

Whether it is the time, money or your inconvenience, eliminating co-brokers removes many obstacles to how a home is sold. Think about that for a minute, as the seller in a traditional transaction, you are actually paying someone thousands of dollars to negotiate against your best interest. Again, in a traditional sale you pay the co-brokers commission, to a broker, who has a fiduciary responsibility to keep their buyers’ interest (not yours) at heart.

Because dealing with a single broker also removes the biggest barrier of selling process – the middle man negotiating against the seller’s best interests.

Apart from huge cost savings and time conservation, cutting out the middle man removes the inconvenience of convincing a long chain of agents too.