Online Home Auctions

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What is more powerful… Your home competing for home buyers, or buyers competing for your property?

  • You can sell paying no commission! At auctions, a 5% buyer’s premium is added to the final sales price, to cover the commission that a seller typically pays at closing.
  • Did you know auction prices are often higher than traditional sales prices?
  • Targeted advertising of your property brings excited buyers. This is prepaid by the seller and usually right about $1,000 to drum up the excitement of your auction.
  • You are never obligated to accept an offer. However, if you’re a motivated seller, this is likely a true tell of what the market is willing to pay for your home.
  • You know exactly when your property is going to go under contract and sell.
  • No more useless showings and open houses.
  • Reduce your holding costs by selling faster – Taxes, insurance, utilities, and repairs.

Let Brinks Real Estate Solution, LLC Help Sell your home for faster, easier, and netting you more at closing.