Wholesalers Work With Brinks Real Estate


I'm glad you decided to get in touch.

I want to reach out to you and introduce myself. My name is Chad Brinks, and I’m the owner and Broker of Brinks Real Estate Solutions, LLC and Brinks Real Estate Development, LLC. The first is a licensed real estate brokerage and the second is a real estate development, home buyer, and flipping company.

I’m reaching out to you because you seem to have a good grasp on wholesaling. Please hear out on why I’m looking for good wholesalers to join my company. First, Brinks Real Estate Development is a largest home buyer in the Tampa Bay Area, so you’ll instantly have a direct line to a likely end buyer of your deal.

There are several reasons why I think being directly associated with one of the largest home buyers in the Tampa Bay Area could be mutually beneficial to both of our business. I’ll start by saying that I believe most wholesalers leave a lot of opportunity (money) on the table. I’d like to explain how this can grow your income. To put it simple, the more revenue streams you have in real estate, the more money you can make. That’s a pretty simple concept.

Let me further clarify some of the additional revenue streams that I’m referring to. Some of them take getting licensed as a Realtor or other certifications, but that’s pretty elementary and more of a formality considering you already have experience in real estate. I will even pay for your classes to become a licensed Realtor order to help open up these new revenue streams for you.

Cost, data, product, professional website with hosting, and brand sharing is probably the most immediate advantage of joining our team.

As a wholesaler, you know that having access to data is the first key to success. You have to know where to go fishing before throwing your line in the water. Lists (probate, foreclosure, vacant, out of state, divorce, vacant rentals,0 are all data sets that tell you where to find motivated sellers, and were you should go fishing for your next deal. There are several sources of information, some are better than others. While I’m not going to go through all of them, the common theme is that they aren’t cheap to subscribe to. Having a lot of good data compiled into lists with names, phone numbers, and emails, costs a good chunk of money each month. I know personally, we spend over $1,000 a month on just data and lists that give information like probate, divorce, out of state, vacant, expired MLS listing, behind on mortgage payments, recently purchased another home, unpaid taxes, leans issued by municipalities, and more.

So why not share that data and share the costs? We have access to over 20,000 of these records per month. We can not even come close to contacting all of them. So, how about access to great data at a fraction of the costs as the first good reason.

Next, you will have your very own co-branded professional website. This gives you your own professional image you need to build repour, confidence, and trust with sellers. You will have your very own website, using any domain you choose (for example: BobBuysHouses.com). Any leads captured by your website, though, social media, or other means are exclusively 100% yours - not shared.

Even more exciting than your front-end website, is the back-end CRM you will get. Leads are captured and instantly put into the industry’s most powerful CRM which can automatically call, text, emails, and follow ups to your prospects until they are ready to meet with you. This CRM can do so much that it can replace several other hodgepodge products that you may have used or may currently be using like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Your website and Smart CRM that works on autopilot is developed by KvCORE, a California based technology company. If you wanted to purchase this website and CRM it would cost you $600 per month.

Branding yourself, co-branding, and credibility is the next benefit. While we want you to continue to develop your own brand, being associated with a larger company that has memberships to REIA groups, Industry Accreditations, a member of the Better Business Bureau, and several associations gives you instant credibility.


BrinksBuysHouses.com or (727) 877-5738

I Look Forward to hearing from you.


Chad Brinks